Dinner and Dancing

Music For Dinner and Dancing

In addition to his solo work, Mark has several bands available, notably "The Groovin' Dukes", "The Mark Harding Band" and "Gypsy Reel". 

Check out these videos of the bands.


 "The  Groovin' Dukes", Mark's 7 Piece group are a high energy traditional dance band comprising some of the areas top musicians. Here's a demo video showing some of their variety. Check out the dancers!

"The Groovin' Dukes" swinging hard with Duke Ellington's "Take the A Train".

The Mark Harding Band is a Rock'n'Roll trio with a wide variety of well known songs from the late forties to the present, Here's a demo video showing some snippets of their work.

John Lee Hooker's Blues "Boom Boom"

Here's Celtic fusion band Gypsy Reel performing an English folk song and some Irish polkas on a town green. Mark is on bass in the background. 

Gypsy Reel play "The Star of Munster"