A Classy Solo Entertainer With A Full Band Sound!


 A Century of Favorite Songs on Guitar, Harmonica and Vocals

 with Tastefully Prepared Guitar, Bass and Drum Accompaniment!

Mark's Sound

After 40 years of playing both guitar and upright bass in all kinds of situations, Mark now performs solo using looping technology to bring all his talents to the stage at once, creating a full band sound at low volume with only one performer!

A Century of Song

Born the son of a trumpeter and a singer in late 60's England, Mark was exposed from an early age to equal servings of Show Tunes, Jazz and Rock'n'Roll, resulting in a large repertoire that spans 100 years or more and covers many popular styles!

Tailored Song Lists

Mark has put his years of experience to work preparing set lists customized for many situations to ensure an ideal mood and a seamless performance.

 He can also custom design a set to fit most tastes or themes and is happy to add new songs for your event!

Outdoor Performances

Mark's equipment is fully self- contained and can be powered by batteries, freeing him from the usual constraints of power supply in outdoor performances. Book him to play anywhere outside in good weather for your next special event.

What People Say About Mark

Mark has worked in numerous roles both in performance and in education and has been praised for his talent, his professionalism and his integrity. Click below to see  some great feedback from both sides of his professional life.


Booking Mark

Mark is excited to come play for you and your guests and will always be glad to recieve your call or text at (802) 417-7712.

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