What people say about Mark

"Mark's musicianship is superb. His ability to connect with our elderly audience is outstanding. He engages every individual with a remarkable ease and warmth, He has a special ability to make everyone feel welcomed and at ease. Our participants and our staff thoroughly enjoy Mark's performances. 

Any audience that has the good fortune and privilege to be present at one of Mark's performances leaves that performance in a lighter, happier and uplifted place. The enthusiasm Mark  generates in all of us is a gift, a special talent."

- Ken Schoen,  Activities Coordinator, Project Independance, 

Elderly Services Inc. Middlebury VT.

"I have known Mark Harding since 1999, during which time we have worked together frequently both as performers and as educators.  Mark has shown himself to be a truly excellent musician  who is reliable, versatile, hardworking and who constantly strives to improve himself. He has a great rapport with students and professionals and can readily adjust to any musical situation. 

Mark brings an exceptional energy and enthusiasm to any performance and is an instrumentalist of a high skill level who has a wide knowledge of the standard repertoire."

-Bear Irwin,                                 

Music Teacher (retired), 

MRUHS , Clarendon, VT.

"I've worked with Mark for many years and I highly recommend him for any event or gig. He is super talented and never disappoints. Mark is my go to, because I know he can cover many different genres of music."

-Dave Hoffenberg, Owner,

Artist Entertainment Agency.


"Mark taught my son how to stretch his musical imagination and how to be a real musician who could improvise like a pro"


Parent of Student,

Manchester, VT

"Mark has worked with several of my students here at Burr and Burton. The students often share with me how they are impressed by Mark’s level of expertise and passion for music. Many of these students have found that the process of working with Mr. Harding is unlike any other. 

He is truly passionate about teaching and his energy is contagious. He motivates his students through humor, an upbeat attitude and his ability to demonstrate at the highest levels. Lastly, Mr. Harding is a man of his word. He is consistently on time, eager to work hard and he is highly dependable. Mark is a true professional."

-Neil Freebern,   

Performing Arts Coordinator,

Burr and Burton Academy, Manchester, VT


"During his tenure at Long Trail School, Mark developed a fledgling instrumental music program into a comprehensive and vibrant program for middle and upper school students.    

He also played solo or with small groups at a host of school functions over the years. 

Music is Mark's life and the enthusiasm and skill he brings to his students reflects that. A pied piper in spirit, one of his greatest strengths is his ability to transform students with a range of abilities. "

-David Wilson,  

Headmaster and Founder, 

The Long Trail School 

"Your students' performance last night at the Southern Vermont Art Center was exceptional. We are so impressed by the work you have done with them."- 

-Casey and Micheal, 

Parents of Student

Londonderry, VT

"I am so grateful to you for providing my son with an excellent musical base.

Your kindness and spirit for music have given him a greater sense of who he is as a person and as a musician."


Parent of Student, 

Dorset VT