an uplifting song experience tailored to senior tastes!


The Right Songs

Mark has always held a deep passion for the old songs, from Tin Pan Alley to Jazz, Blues and early Country and Rock'n'Roll. He shares this taste with much of the senior population and has spent most of his life learning, performing and teaching a wide range of older songs. This makes him an ideal performer for any seniors facility or event.

The Perfect Audience

A few years ago, Mark began playing at senior care facilities and he discovered his perfect audience. He soon realized this was an ideal situation as most seniors seem to love the same music as him and they show they  really appreciate his performance and personality. Check out the applause at the end of any of his videos to get a sense of the audience response!

performance videos

Mark plays guitar, the harmonica and sings live while accompanied by premade recordings of himself on real upright bass with acoustic guitar and drums!

He produces a big sound at a very pleasant, low volume.

Here's a video of Mark performing "The Glory Of Love" at an assisted living facility. 

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Developing the Act

When Mark began entertaining seniors,  he played solo guitar and sang, though he sometimes brought a band along for parties.  He always had a good response but when he brought a band he noticed the enthusiasm went through the roof. So he decided to bring a band's energy and musical sophistication to every solo show by creating recordings of himself playing all the other parts.  He has now developed several lively solo sets with accompaniment and the response from audiences has been extremely positive!

Snappy Sets

Having really put in the time and effort, and using all the right tools, Mark now presents well planned, fast flowing sets full of absolute favorites. He moves from song to song in seconds with only a couple of short pauses each hour to share a story or some light humor. Each set is carefully timed and planned to ensure the hour goes fast and is full of joy.
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Set Lists
This Is Mark Dressed up for a special show

Stories and Humor

Mark is a lively, personable guy who has had an interesting life full of travel and adventure! He has fit many roles over the years, from street entertainer to teacher and from touring musician to traveling salesman. He brings the benefit of his broad experience and his ease with people to the show. As the songs or the mood suggest he punctuates his sets with anecdotes about the songs and his life. He also brings a few clean, appropriate jokes to break the ice and lighten things up once in a while.

Full Sound, Low Volume

Mark has put his Berklee College of Music training as an arranger and upright bass player to good use in producing subtle yet powerful backing tracks for many of his tunes with real acoustic guitar, upright bass and drums. He controls these with a foot pedal and plays through a very small, high quality amplifier. This allows him to produce a full band sound at very low volume without the need for additional musicians, thus offering a very cost-effective, high quality sound.

Outdoor Performances

Mark's equipment is fully self- contained and can be powered by batteries, freeing him from the usual constraints of power supply in outdoor performances. Book him to play anywhere outside in good weather for your next special event.

What People Say About Mark

Mark has worked in numerous of roles both in performance and in education and has been praised for his talent, his professionalism and his integrity. Click below to see  some great feedback from both sides of his professional life.


Booking Mark

Mark is excited to come play for you and your guests and will always be glad to recieve your call or text at (802) 417-7712.

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